Who are we ?

Oscar Education, located in London, England, is a reputable company that offers professional services to individuals and groups seeking educational or cultural experiences in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Malta, the USA, and Canada. With a team of experienced experts, Oscar Education assists students in accessing the best educational programs abroad that align with their expectations from a wide range of options.

The United Kingdom, known for its prestigious education system, well-established universities, and language schools, has become an attractive destination. Oscar Education acts as a representative for success-oriented students, facilitating agreements with renowned universities, language schools, arts and sports institutions, as well as internship and career centres. By doing so, students gain easy access to the most suitable educational opportunities abroad.

Throughout the entire educational journey, Oscar Education supports students in academic, social, and cultural aspects through consultancy services, without any charges. As a London-based company, Oscar Education, in collaboration with its representatives in other countries, fulfils the diverse needs of students arriving in these destinations, offering a distinct advantage for both students and parents.

Oscar Education serves anyone worldwide who wishes to pursue educational and cultural endeavours in countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Ireland, and Malta, helping them discover the most suitable options based on their expectations. Witnessing the satisfaction and smiles on students’ faces upon completing their education is the ultimate goal and reward for Oscar Education. Furthermore, Oscar Education aspires to be a preferred institution and remains one step ahead at every stage of its career.

an initiative of Oscar Education

iWISE Olympiad, International-World Innovative Student Exhibition, aims to bring together talented artists, scientists, and performers from across the globe. The competition focuses on three main categories: Art, Talent, and STEM.
There are two rounds for iWISE Olympiad; Virtual Finals and Global Final:
– Virtual Finals: Participants will have the option to choose from one of four Virtual Finals that they would like to participate in. In order to qualify for our Global Final exhibition participants will need to achieve a medal ranking.
– Global Final: 80% of participants who have achieved a medal ranking (gold, silver, or bronze) in our Virtual Finals, will be selected to participate in our Global Final Exhibition in London.

an initiative of Oscar Education

TeenEagle is an international English language skills competition for students from 10 to 18 years old. We have two main competitions: our 100% Online Rounds, and our Global Finals around the world.

We are passionate about teenagers changing and influencing the world to make it a better place for everyone, regardless of which country they come from. This is why TeenEagle exists: to be a universal platform that will pass on these principles down, from generation to generation.

We aim to be what educators and students need in order to create a successful future. Our English language competitions encourage the development of a shared sense of identity, but we also spend valuable time on promoting diversity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Our Global Finals Round takes place in some of the world’s most unique and multicultural cities, with seven days packed full with competitions, trips to local attractions, and raving afterparties. Whether it’s the culture, the learning experience, or the future opportunities you find interesting, TeenEagle is waiting for you.