What is A-Level?

The Advanced Level, known worldwide as the A-Level, is a qualification offered by the UK’s educational institutions. A-level studies are generally 2 years long and universities in the UK determine whether a student is eligible for undergraduate education accordingly.

Also, the vast majority of students receive A-level education at a private further education college. These institutions also offer broader vocational training. Qualification is the most common method UK universities use to determine if a candidate is a good fit for academic majors.

In Which Schools Can Students Take A-Level Education in England?

Oscar Education recommends the following institutions for A-Level education:

Bellerbys College

Brooke House College

Cambridge Tutors College

CATS College

Chelsea Independent College

David Game College

Duff Miller College

International School of Creative Arts

Kings Education

Lansdowne College

Loughborough College

Warwickshire College Group

Take A-Levels in the UK

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