Master Education in Austria

The graduate education you will receive in Vienna universities will put you ahead of tens of thousands of competitors and will make you visible, attractive and preferred.

The 2 years you will spend in Vienna for your master’s degree will give you an intellectual background, vision and self-confidence that can change the course of your life.

Vienna universities are at the top of the world rankings.

In Austria, a master’s degree means prestige. According to Webometrics, one of the most important authorities in world university rankings, the University of Vienna is the 67th best university in the world and the 10th best university in Europe. In the same ranking, the Technical University of Vienna ranks 24th.

Postgraduate education in Austria is financed by the state!

Postgraduate education in Austria is very economical. The annual fees of universities across the country are up to 750 Euros. With this feature, Austria is one of the countries where you can get a quality and prestigious graduate education in the most economical way.

German is the most common language in Europe

One of the biggest advantages of studying for a master’s degree in Austria is that you can learn German. German, the most widely spoken language in Europe, will add great value to you. Since its wide international student structure also offers you the opportunity to practice English, if you evaluate the education process in Austria efficiently, you will be able to graduate with a command of both languages. Students can easily learn the German language in the preparatory education they receive for the first time, and they can start training.

Opportunity to work part time during your education!

In most of the European countries, while students continue their education life, they are seriously restricted from working and earning money; Austria has given students the right to work in addition to their studies and legal work permits where they can earn about 600 Euros per month.

Doctoral Education in Austria

German is an indispensable language requirement for doctoral education in Austria. Students who do not have German proficiency must attend the German course offered by the relevant higher education institution. Students who successfully complete this course have the right to enroll in the doctoral program. The preparatory class is usually completed in two semesters.

A doctorate is awarded if, as a result of an academic research written according to certain standards and prepared for publication, it is believed that this research has a small contribution to world science. This stage is generally reached by going through the stages of determining and reporting the thesis, writing the thesis, and finally defending the thesis under the supervision of the thesis committee.

The doctoral stages take 2 to 3 years in Austria to complete. The most common research doctorate is Ph.D.’ is Fundamentally, earning a doctoral degree means being considered equal by academics who have awarded the doctorate. Since doctoral programs differ in terms of subject and content, as well as admission requirements, each application will have some specific requirements.

Universities in Austria where you can do a Master’s Degree
University City Explanation
University of Vienna Vienna One of the world’s leading social sciences universities with an annual tuition fee of 1500 Euros.
Vienna Technical University Vienna Engineering master’s programs are among the best in Europe
Vienna Business and Economics Vienna Challenging but prestigious education in Business and Economics
Agricultural University of Vienna Vienna Europe’s oldest and well-established university in agricultural sciences
Vienna Veterinary University Vienna The first veterinary school of the German-speaking countries was established in 1765.

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