* Science = Science
* Technology = Technology
* Engineering = Engineering
* Arts = Art
* Mathematics = Mathematics is the integrated treatment of its fields.

STEAM Education has been accepted as an interdisciplinary approach covering the process of Higher Education from Pre-school Education.

  • With STEAM training, it is aimed to raise an innovative, solution-oriented generation with advanced communication skills who have acquired 21st century skills and can use technology effectively.
  • Many countries around the world have begun to integrate the STEAM education approach into their curricula.
  • The essence of the STEAM education approach is to raise a generation that has advanced problem understanding and solving skills and has acquired scientific process skills.
  • In this context, countries that express the concept of STEAM literacy aim to make students not only interested in STEAM fields, but also to have the knowledge and skills of these fields to be equipped to solve real-world problems.
  • Because with STEAM Education, students acquire many knowledge and skills simultaneously, and many skills such as material science, problem solving, teamwork, communication, use of technology, scientific data collection and analysis are employed simultaneously.
  • We cannot keep students’ curiosity and interest alive by simply memorizing the topics in a textbook and asking them to solve a limited number of problems. Students must understand why they need to learn certain information and where they can use that information. Once students realize the meaning and purpose of learning, they can increase their ability to solve real-world problems through the process of designing solutions and discovering and testing them for themselves.
  • Most real-world problems cannot be solved with a single domain knowledge. These are complex issues that can be solved by combining and using useful information gathered from various fields of study. To solve real-world problems, integration is inherently applied in the process of using knowledge on various topics. Therefore, knowledge in STEAM, S, T, E, A and M fields should be used in solving a problem. Integration of STEAM is a tool, not an end. It is a naturally occurring approach in the process of achieving a goal.