British High Schools

High school education in England is a very popular type of education recently, thanks to the close and high-level education, and the quality foundation it will provide for post-secondary university education abroad. the birthplace of Shakespeare, The Beatles; It is possible to get a high school education in England, which is one of the places where football, fish & chips culture, historical structure and cultural opportunities are the most. We provide this service with 2 types of schools in England, one of the most popular locations for these high school education opportunities abroad, where you can study under the same roof with people from different cultures and countries in a different country, which is an investment for the future in terms of activities and cultural interaction.


High School Education System and Duration in England

The program starts from 1 semester and is provided as 1 or several years according to the student’s request. During high school education in England, students can find the opportunity to continue their language development at home, if they wish, by receiving service from English families experienced in accommodation in England. There is also a dormitory type boarding education system depending on the student’s preference.


In the classical program preference, the school where the student will be placed is selected according to the student’s grade and language proficiency; in the choice of elective program, students are placed in 1 of the 3 schools they will choose.

Private Day School (Private School + Homestay)

North Bridge House, London
Meoncross School, Fareham
North Bridge House School, Islington
Stover School, Devon
Sidcot School, Somerset
Wells Cathedral School, Wells
King’s Ely, Cambridgeshire
Rochester Independent College, Rochester
Moira House Girls School, Eastbourne
Rossall School, Lancashire
Lime House School, Carlisle

3 types of placements are possible in the program preferences;

Classic: In this placement type, students are evaluated according to their current averages and their profiles are the best. It is essential to provide alternatives for their placement in a suitable school. The student does not have a chance to choose any location or school.

Select State: In this placement type, if students have a certain qualification, they should choose a school or city, It is possible for schools to direct these preferences according to their possibilities.

Select Private: This type of program is also very similar to the state-elective alternative, but differently, it is based on the placement of students in private institutions.


MEB Equivalency of British High Schools

In case students who have completed their high school education in England want to study in Turkey or have their high school diplomas valid, it is sufficient to apply to the Ministry of National Education and provide equivalence.

England’ Studying High School in the UK

Getting a high school education in the UK is a great opportunity for Turkish students to start life one step ahead. The social skills they have acquired here can be used abroad if they want, or in Turkey. They can also use it while continuing their education.

Application Process for British High Schools

If acceptance is received after sending specific documents that vary from school to school, the student can apply for a visa and complete his application for high school education in England.

England High Schools Admission and Application Requirements

Age: 14-18. (It can also vary between the ages of 11-17 depending on the type of school to be placed and the placement situation)

Program Duration: It can start from 1 semester and last up to 1 or more than 1 year depending on preference.

Language Requirement: In the classical program, students are expected to have at least Grade C, that is, an intermediate level of English. Students considering enrolling in elective state schools will need to have at least IELTS (UKVI) 5.5. In addition, for students who consider elective private (private), the language requirement is at least Grade C, that is, an intermediate level of English.


Admission Limit: Students begin 10th Grade or after 12th Grade A Level or Can choose for GCSE.

Entry Requirement: C-level GPA or sufficient GCSE requirement in English, Mathematics and 5 other courses must be met.

Program Start / End: September – June/July

Applications: For classical applications, applications for the beginning of September are as of the end of May; The application deadline for January-starting programs is the end of October of the previous year. Please contact Oscar Education for application deadlines for elective programmes.

Prices and Fees for British High Schools

High school fees in the UK vary widely depending on the region, type of accommodation and school. A school year averages around £13,000 – £38,000, with homestay and guidance support. Some boarding schools require students to wear uniforms, with an average fee of £500. 000 – 38,000 pounds. Some boarding schools require students to wear uniforms, with an average fee of £500. 000 – 38,000 pounds. Some boarding schools require students to wear uniforms, with an average fee of £500.