Brooke House College,  located in Market Harborough,  nestled with nature in England,  is a successful school serving international students with its 50-year history.

This school especially;

  • GCSE (England General Education Certificate)
  • A Level (University placement program for graduates from UK high schools)
  • Foundation Program (Placement program for international students)
  • It offers privileged opportunities in the fields of Intensive English.

The school, which also includes accommodation facilities, has an agreement with the quality universities of England and has direct university placement activity. Please visit the website for details and fees.

Brooke House Online

Brooke House College, which develops online programs compatible with the whole world with the developing technology  ,  also offers double diploma opportunities  to international students by giving them a British High School Diploma  .

This program;

  • It is suitable for all high school students from the 1st year of high school.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to complete the UK High School Program while studying high school in your country.
  • It makes a double diploma  holder.
  • It provides direct enrollment in the UK’s top universities.