Located in Leicester, England, ESBM is a private school that allows you to transfer directly to many universities.


  • Business departments offer Foundation  programs that pave the way for universities in all fields such as Informatics, Engineering, law, psychology  . Please visit the website for details and fees.

ESBM online

ESBM contributes to the world of online education with many programs. Thanks to these programs, every individual aged 16 and over has the opportunity to graduate from an online university and has a diploma from UK universities.

This program;

  • Suitable for anyone aged 16 and over.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to complete the UK Foundation program or the first two years of university while studying or working in your final year of high school in your country.
  • It makes a double diploma  holder.
  • It provides direct enrollment in UK’s top universities.

For details and fees: