English Language Center is a language school located in two beautiful cities on the South East coast of England. The school provides year-round language training for students aged 16 and over. One of the most important features of the school is that it accepts each individual as unique and different and works for the individual. The main purpose of the school is to prepare programs suitable for the student’s abilities and to help the student reach their goals. Located in Brighton, the school is five minutes’ walk from the beach. One of the most important features of Brighton is that it is the holiday center of England. Thousands of students come to Brighton from different countries every year. As in Brighton, the school in Eastborn is only five minutes’ walk from the beach. The school is equipped with modern facilities and is located in a beautiful garden.

English Language Center Key Features

Location : Brighton, Eastborn

. Students come from 50 different countries each year.

. A variety of accommodation is available.

. It is the most famous of England’s coastal city cities.

. Finding a variety of social activities

. Every day after the lesson, speaking activities are organized with the help of the trainer.

. A variety of courses are available.