Choose to learn English in London for history, culture, entertainment and shopping – this place has it all. With some of the greatest theatres, art galleries, and museums in the world on your doorstep, there won’t be a single dull moment! Relax in the greenery of the Royal Parks, or take a boat ride along the Thames River to enliven your afternoons before heading out to explore the city’s incredible nightlife.

At EC, we offer more than English courses in London, we want to help you improve your life through English. We will push you to expand your horizons, to find your focus, find your drive and find your voice.

London is the number one destination for English language learners and may just be the right place for you.

English Courses in London

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Cambridge English Exam Preparation

Make sure you enter your exam feeling fully prepared with the confidence and skills to succeed.


From 10 weeks 30 lessons/week

Academic Semester/Year

Taking the time to seriously focus on your English will open up unlimited opportunities for you. This programme is for students who study for 24 weeks or more.


From 24 weeks 30 lessons/week

General English

General and intensive English courses at EC focus on the core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to improve confidence and increase fluency.


From 1 week 20 lessons/week

English for Work

If you want to succeed in today’s global workplace, this intensive English for Work course develops the skills you need to advance confidently in your chosen career.


From 1 week 30 lessons/week

IELTS Exam Preparation

Our IELTS exam preparation course will equip you to gain the IELTS score you need to pursue the employment or education path of your dreams.


From 1 week 20 lessons/week



  • IQ Will Wyatt Residences
  • Homestay
  • IQ Shoreditch Residences


EC London Neighbourhood Tour

Welcome to the vibrant neighborhood surrounding EC London! Join us for a tour around Angel Corner House, located at 1 Islington High St, London. Explore the local shops, restaurants, and bars that make this area a hub of activity. Stroll down Upper Street and take in the historic architecture and cultural landmarks, or relax in one of the many parks and green spaces nearby.

This is a perfect introduction to the diverse and exciting community that surrounds EC London.


Social Activities and Workshops

Join our social and cultural activity programmes, and take part in free language workshops. Here’s a sample of what’s on offer. Please note, all activities are subject to change without notice and may be offered seasonally. In addition, prices are approximate.


Get active and play football with students and staff  (up to £8).

London Eye

Experience London’s amazing skyline and river views (£20).

MyEC Tips

Learn more about how best to study using MyEC, come to our weekly drop-in session and speak to a member of our team. Free activity.

Bowling Night

Enjoy a night out at a local lanes with your fellow students (£7).

Listening & Pronunciation Clinic

If you’re interested in learning about English accents and improving your listening, check out our weekly workshop. Free activity.