The Stafford House Cambridge English school is situated a short distance from one of the globe’s renowned educational institutions, Cambridge University. Students in Cambridge greatly appreciate the chance to partake in distinct experiences that have contributed to the fame of this UK region. These range from punting along the River Cam to engaging with some of the most captivating academic and cultural pursuits globally. If your aim is to excel, then opting to learn English in Cambridge is an excellent choice!


SCHOOL FACILITIES– Student lounge, IT lounge, Free Wi-Fi, Library, Cafe, 65’’ interactive screens, Self study room



LESSONS– 45 mins long

STUDENTS IN CLASS– Average 10 (max 15)


Accommodation Options

Homestay: Among the most selected choices, the homestay option offers you the chance to seamlessly become a part of family life and enhance your English language skills beyond the classroom setting. This includes engaging in conversations during meals and weekends with your hospitable hosts. This distinctive approach allows you to both live and study in your selected destination.

Stafford House Residence: The Masters House Residence provides individual ensuite accommodations tailored for adult learners. Positioned a mere 20-minute stroll from both the school and the city center, Masters House presents an ideal selection for any student seeking an immersive experience of life in Cambridge. Additionally, during the summer period, the Masters House Residence is utilized for students aged 16 and above.