The singular school in Worthing to have received both nominations and the esteemed Language Travel Magazine ‘Star Award.’


  • 13 classrooms in winter, 20 – 22 classrooms in summer (external to main adult school)
  • 3 classrooms with data-projectors
  • Average class size of 10
  • Self-study learning centre and library open five days a week
  • Guided E-Learning and CES online and mobile
  • Magazines and a DVD library
  • Computer room with 16 PCs
  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet access
  • 24 hour emergency telephone
  • Student common room
  • Official Trinity Exam Centre
  • In peak sessions we may use external classrooms at Chatsworth Hotel


Accommodation Options

Homestay: CES in Worthing is pleased to provide our students with an extensive range of homestay and private home accommodation options. These accommodation packages encompass breakfast, a packed lunch, and dinner, all available seven days a week. On average, the travel time from accommodation to the school ranges from 20 to 30 minutes, whether on foot or using public transportation. Choosing a homestay also offers the opportunity to interact with students from diverse nationalities, creating a valuable chance to connect with peers from around the globe.

CES Residential: The Centre of English Studies in Worthing provides en-suite residential accommodation, conveniently situated just a 15-minute walk away from the main adult school and the town center.

Students selecting this accommodation option will have the added benefit of access to a student lounge. Here, you can enjoy watching TV, participate in fun game nights and cinema evenings, and socialize with fellow students who are also residing there. Additionally, the residence offers free Wi-Fi and convenient laundry facilities. The presence of attractive gardens allows students to unwind and relax amidst pleasant surroundings. The en-suite accommodations are modern and comfortable, enhancing your overall stay experience.