Learn English with Confidence in New York City

Achieve your English language goals with a variety of language courses in the heart of the city.


Experience the buzzing energy and diversity of The City That Never Sleeps! Oxford International NYC is located on the campus of Mercy College Manhattan, right next to Herald Square in New York. You’ll have amazing theatre, world-renowned shopping, museums, and authentic food at your fingertips.


Why choose New York City?

New York City

Study English in one of the world’s most iconic cities

The school is in the electric centre of New York, with famous landmarks and household names nearby. The Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Central Park and Times Square are within walking distance. When students study English at MercyManhattan, they’ll have the towering spectacle of the 102-storey Empire State Building just outside their front door.


English Courses:

  • General English – Morning & Afternoon 18

The Morning and Afternoon Course develops all aspects of language competence in a personalised

programme coordinated by the core teacher.

18 AM/PM Lessons




  • General English – Morning & Afternoon 20

Our General English Morning & Afternoon 20 course covers the key language learning areas, using skills-based and situational learning combined with one-to-one tutorials and regular progress tests to respond to the student’s individual learning needs.

20 AM/PM Lessons ​

  • General English -Semi Intensive 23 Lessons

The Semi-Intensive Course includes the full core class with Language Development and

English Skills, with the addition of five to six elective lessons per week

18 AM Lessons + 5 PM Electice Lessons

  • General English Intensive 27

The Intensive Course is the perfect option for students who would like to complement their core class with 10 elective lessons per week. This will allow exploration of a range of elective options as a well as building on a solid foundation of the language. Elective packages are available for both the Super-Intensive and Intensive Courses

18 AM Lessons + 9 PM Electice Lessons

  • General English Super-Intensive

The Super-Intensive course consists of 20 morning classes plus 20 lessons of electives per week, allowing students to maximise their study day and develop a wide variety of skills

18 AM Lessons + 18 PM Elective Lessons


Accommodations Options:

  • Dorm 34

When you stay on campus in Dorm 34, you’ll enjoy the benefits of life in New York City, only a few minutes away from your studies. It’s an affordable solution for your time.

  • YMCA West Side

Explore New York from the heart of Manhattan from our YMCA West Side accommodation.



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