• Enjoy a vibrant and exciting seaside city
  • Stay on a safe campus with easy access into Brighton
  • Fun excursion programme ideal for more mature Juniors students

Brighton, often referred to as “London by the Sea,” provides students with an enjoyable and lively seaside experience. Situated at the University of Brighton, this center offers a secure campus setting on the city’s outskirts, with classes and activities conveniently situated in the city center and close to the beachfront.

Brighton serves as an excellent base for exploring the South Coast, London, and Cambridge, while also offering a wide range of exciting activities. It delivers much of the excitement found in London but within a smaller, more manageable city, making it an ideal choice for students seeking enjoyable outings combined with the safety and tranquility of a campus located away from the city center.

The Varley Park campus at the University of Brighton provides modern, high-quality accommodations and amenities, situated in proximity to the picturesque South Downs National Park. Staff members ensure that students reach their lessons in central Brighton with a short bus ride.