• Live and learn in the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral
  • Safe and secure campus
  • Excellent sporting and leisure facilities

The King’s School, founded in 597 AD, holds the distinction of being Britain’s oldest boarding school. Nestled within the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral and St. Augustine’s Abbey—both designated as World Heritage Sites—it is located at the very heart of the medieval town center of Canterbury.

The juxtaposition of modern accommodation, state-of-the-art teaching facilities, and recreational amenities with the school’s medieval buildings and historic surroundings creates a truly enchanting experience. Additionally, the nearby King’s School sports center offers a range of sports facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, gym, tennis and squash courts, and outdoor playing fields.

Students who enroll in Canterbury have the option to select from our English Plus program, which includes choices like Performing Arts and supplementary Speaking and Writing lessons, all provided at no additional cost. Furthermore, we offer English Plus Tennis and Fencing options at Canterbury, allowing students to opt for 5 hours of professional tennis and/or 5 hours of fencing lessons for young learners, subject to an extra fee per week.