The teaching staff of the Rose Of York Language Course, which was established in 1989 in Oxford Street, the most central place of London; It consists of a friendly and qualified team. Built in the 19th century, the schoolhouse is located five minutes’ walk from London’s most famous Oxford Circus tube station and right next to the bus stop. There are shopping places, museums and restaurants around the school. From the school, you can reach many historical sites such as the London Eye and the British Museum in a very short time on foot. Therefore, Rose of York provides its students with the advantages that they can easily participate in social and cultural activities in the heart of the city.

Lokayson ; London

Key Features of Rose Of York Language Schools

Diversity of students from every country

. Diversity of social spaces (Free internet access, Library, study halls, theater and computer rooms)

. Variety of Social Events

. Having Different Accommodation Opportunities

. Free educational materials and DVD opportunities

. Course Variety

. There are Teacher Training Programs under different program titles in the form of individual or group programs for the needs of English teachers.