Malta is located in the south of Europe, in the central Mediterranean, south of Sicily. The Republic of Malta consists of 3 large islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta, the largest island, is 237 square kilometers. In the past, many civilizations and St. It was home to the Knights of St. The capital of Malta is Valletta. Important cities are Ir-Rabat, Mdina, Cottonera, St. Julian’s and Victoria. The city of Mdina, which was the capital of Malta for a period, has been very well preserved since the Middle Ages and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Malta is a year-round tourist destination and offers attractive options for students who want to learn English.

Lessons are held at ESE’s year-round St. Julian’s headquarters or at Salini Resort. Salini Resort, a magnificent 4-star hotel located 15 minutes from the school, is used for accommodation. Salini Resort is located in the north of Malta, overlooking Salina Bay. Malta’s popular St. Paul’s Bay is very close. The rooms are for four people, with private bathroom and air conditioning. Each room has a TV and radio. Some rooms have sea views. Breakfast, hot lunch and dinner on weekdays; On weekends, breakfast and dinner are served at the hotel. Lunches are provided as a package on weekends. Salini Resort has a large swimming pool for students to use, a tennis court, football, volleyball and basketball courts and student recreation areas.

20 lessons (15 hours) or 30 lessons (22.5 hours) of English education per week can be taken. A lesson is 45 minutes. Education is provided for all levels. Classes are for a maximum of 15 people. Lessons include reading, writing, listening and speaking fluency especially in daily life. Lessons can be held in the morning or afternoon. Two daily activities are organized for students to attend before or after classes: Bowling, water park, Go-kart, football, volleyball, basketball, squash, golf, mountain biking, surfing, jet-skiing, watching movies, table tennis, swimming , beach parties, Harbor Cruise… Also on Saturdays excursions are organized: sunset cruise in Comino, Mdina, Valletta. Sundays are left as free time. Optional excursions and activities are arranged. Students who wish can participate in these activities by paying an extra fee.