The University of Law is one of the UK’s leading professional law schools, with an unrivalled reputation for innovation and excellence in legal learning. Their first-class global connections means they are uniquely placed to help aspiring lawyers, legal professionals and legal employers of all types achieve their ambitions. 

What really sets the University of Law apart from other universities is their guiding principle that future lawyers and business leaders should learn in a realistic, professional and contemporary context, with plenty of practical interactive engagement. That’s why they keep their contact hours high and their teaching groups small.

The University of Law’s track record of excellence in learning and development has helped them establish worldwide connections within the legal and business industries. This is why many leading global law firms and businesses work exclusively with the University of Law to develop their people, and why employers of all types want to meet University of Law students. It’s why law schools and professional bodies around the world choose to enter into strategic alliances with the University of Law.

The University of Law has a vast network in the legal industry and deliver legal training to 94 of the top 100 law firms, with exclusive relationships with 60 of the top UK law firms and many of the most prestigious US firms in the UK.

The University of Law’s London Bloomsbury campus is a 2 minute walk from Goodge Street Underground Station and is right next to Tottenham Court Road – a street with a large range of shops, bars and restaurants, and bus links to all other parts of London. The campus’ 4-floor library is full of textbooks and reference books as well as helpful staff on hand to help with students’ studies and research work. The cyber lounge and café are great places to socialise and work in groups in between lectures. 

At London Bloomsbury, the tutors and staff pride themselves on delivering the pinnacle of legal and business education and are dedicated to helping students achieve their career ambitions. The tutors are all industry professionals that will teach students the practical skills needed to kick start their careers. 


Why the University of Law 

Heritage: The University of Law is the largest provider of legal education in the UK, tracing their origins to 1876 with the formation of tutorial firm Gibson & Weldon, and in 2016, they opened their leading Business School.

Networking: With an alumni network of over 71,000, graduates can stay connected, remain informed and take advantage of a wealth of specially negotiated privileges and discounts. The Alumni Network connects students to over 11,800 businesses and organisations worldwide, allowing them to tap into an incredible pool of alumni talent. 

Innovative and Contemporary Teaching Practices: All of the University of Law’s courses – from their undergraduate law degrees to their diverse range of business courses and postgraduate programmes – are designed with a unique, varied and innovative learning approach proven to deliver self-reliant professionals who can compete in the fast-changing professional world. 

Focused on Employability: The school focuses exclusively on practice-based training and gives students access to expert Careers and Employability service database as soon as they accept their offer. Students also benefit from University of Law’s pioneering and award-winning pro bono programmes, which allow them to gain valuable work experience by helping real clients from the local community.